Teri Load Ve (Full Audio) | Singga | Urvashi Rautela | Latest Punjabi Song 2021 | Speed Records
Song - Teri Load Ve (Full Audio)
Singer - Singga Ft. Urvashi Rautela
Music / Lyrics - Ellde Fazilka
Composer - Tipu Sultan
Edit / DI Colorist - Arshpreet
DOP - Ashish Rai
Choreographer - Sumit Kumar
Asst Choreographer - Shubham, Pankaj And Amo
Casting Agency - Nanak's World
Costume Styling - Harsh Khullar
Urvashi Rautella Costume by - Eesha Dutta
Manager - Prashant.Biz
Instagram - instagram.com/eeshadatta?igshid=18ry0v02rswla
Ad - Shubham Malhotra & Gurdeep
Director - Dilsher Singh & Khushpal Singh
Casting By - EYP Creations
Film by - True Makers film
Production - Devil Productions (Abhishek Gureja)
Poster - AJ Art's
Label - Speed Records
Stream / Download from
Gaana :bit.ly/37oaUJF
iTunes :apple.co/3aZVI6e
Apple Music :apple.co/3d67qiw
Spotify :spoti.fi/2MZhK0T
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